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Brain-Behavior Relationships


West LA Neuropsychology, PC specializes in the neuropsychological assessment of children, adolescents, and young adults. These specialized and comprehensive evaluations are helpful in clarifying the causes of difficulties an individual is experiencing (e.g., memory problems, difficulties focusing, trouble with finding the right words when speaking, struggles with reading or organizing written work). A neuropsychological assessment also helps to determine an individual’s unique neurocognitive profile, which includes identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses. With an understanding of brain-behavior relationships, we analyze information obtained during an assessment and then develop an appropriate treatment plan.


West LA Neuro Child Assessment

Children & Adolescents

The neuropsychological evaluation of a child or adolescent takes into consideration brain development as well as skills associated with specific brain regions.​

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Young Adults

An adult neuropsychological assessment involves neuropsychological testing and a thorough examination of issues that could be impacting job performance and social-emotional functioning.

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