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The neuropsychological evaluation of a child or adolescent takes into consideration brain development as well as skills associated with specific brain regions.​

Young Adults

A neuropsychological assessment involves neuropsychological testing, personal communication with physicians and/or therapists.​

Additional Information

A typical neuropsychological evaluation requires an approximate 1-1½-hour clinical interview, approximately 6-8 hours of face-to-face neuropsychological testing and a 1-1½-hour feedback meeting. The clinical interview helps clarify concerns and identify goals for the assessment; it involves obtaining an extensive developmental, medical, academic, and psychosocial history. Records brought to that meeting will be reviewed prior to the initial testing session. The number of days required for testing depends on the age of the patient and the specifics of the assessment. An evaluation typically requires 2 days of testing for children and adolescents and 1 day for adults. Neuropsychological testing involves paper and pencil tasks, computerized tests, interactive activities and self-report questionnaires.

Neuropsychological Assessment Report
The Neuropsychological Assessment Report is comprehensive and provides an extensive discussion of findings and recommendations for treatment. It is written following the feedback session and incorporates the findings and discussion that occurs during that meeting.

The cost of a neuropsychological assessment varies depending on the type of service requested; a comprehensive evaluation typically requires 20 hours of service for children and approximately 15 hours for adults. The total cost of a neuropsychological assessment includes interviews, feedback meetings, telephone consultation with professionals, comprehensive face-to-face testing, and the written report. The total cost does not include additional meetings such as IEP attendance or additional feedback meetings.

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